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End of Life (EOL) issues are something that every Original Equipment Manufacturer Engineer, Buyer, Purchasing and Materials Manager, and Supply Manager have to deal with on a weekly basis.  Although parts going End of Life is unavoidable, because everything comes to an end, there are proactive and strategic steps that can be taken to better manage the EOL situation.  Better managing the EOL circumstance means less time invested or wasted dealing with an EOL problem, avoidance of costly line down situations, or avoiding getting caught without warranty coverage.

This white paper report outlines 4 Key Steps identified through the learning and data collected from other Original Equipment Manufacturers to properly and strategically manage and navigate through End of Life part circumstances.

Free White Paper Report: DEE has written a Free White Paper Report based on data collected from many OEMs on the 4 key aspects of managing EOL situations.  If you would like a free copy of this report, just send an email to MyFeedback@DEE-inc.com with “EOL Solutions Report” in the subject line, and provide your contact information.

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