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DEE has developed a White Paper Report as a result of analysis and observations and data with respect to the activities and effectiveness of the RFQ outcomes for many of our manufacturer clients.  Specifically, in this paper, we identify critically important tactics that are rarely ever done on RFQs by manufacturers — but should be, to achieve cost savings and best cost outcomes.  These key actions apply to both large RFQ’s as well as single line or small RFQ’s, but obviously have greatest impact and greatest economies of scale on bigger RFQ situations.  The five areas we have outlined in this report do not constitute every strategy/tactic, however, these do represent a list of key things that our data indicate are critical to maximize cost savings and supplier reduction.  All are straight forward to implement, and they can all be tested in a small way to verify that the results are worth the effort (good ROI). 

These tactics are executed by those that have the greatest success with their RFQs with respect to creating cost savings.  If you would like a copy of this free white paper, just send an email to MyFeedback@DEE-inc.com with “5 RFQ Tactics Report” in the subject line, and include your contact information.

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