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Free White Paper

It is mainstream conventional wisdom that a company (OEM or CM) can purchase a component for a lower price or less money directly from the manufacturer of the component than from an intermediary such as a Value-Added Integrator.  And, although this may have been found to be the case on some occasions, it has clearly been proven not to be the case in many situations.  In other words, an assumption of ‘it’s cheaper to buy direct’ would be a gross over simplification of reality.

In this Free White Paper, we identify 6 key reasons why it is not cheaper to buy ‘Direct’, and in fact, it is lower cost to purchase parts and components from a Value-Added Integrator.

If you would like a copy of this Free Report, just send an email to MyFeedback@Dee-inc.com, put in a subject of “6 Reasons for Lower Cost on Direct Parts Report”, and provide your contact information.

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