DEE Electronics is a Value-Added Integrator, Distributor, and provider of powerful value-added services to Manufacturers, both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s and ODM’s), and Contract Manufacturers (CM’s), since 1959. ISO Certified, we expertly deal in many different commodities, including but not limited to: Custom Components, Mechanical, Electromechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Power, Interconnect, Switches, Termination, Fabricated Metal, Fabricated Plastic, Sensors, Assemblies (all types), Subassemblies (all types).

We are not a traditional electronic components distributor.

If you are looking for serious Cost Savings that are easy and fast to implement, Fast and Multiple Option Solutions for Design or Redesign projects, Elimination of your Worst Suppliers (while getting a cost savings at the same time) or Hassle-Free On-Time Delivery Systems that never let you go line down, contact us.  Many clients call us their “911″ Supplier for good reason — “we save lives” so to speak.

DEE’s unique client-centered approach, as well as non-traditional approach to dealing with any part, any brand, may be a fit IF you are looking for Cost Savings, Time Savings, No Line Downs, Incredible Communication, Fast-Multiple-Continuous Options to Design and Redesign challenges, Trusted Responsiveness, Creativity, Energy/Enthusiasm, and Personality (that’s right, personality).

DEE is a member of ECIA (Electronic Components Industry Association), the leading group of Authorized and Franchised Distributors that exists (formerly NEDA and ECA).  DEE is also ranked in the Top 50 Franchised Electronic Distributors in North America.  To see DEE’s Conflict Material Policy, click here.

DEE’s President is Todd Gifford.  Todd can be contacted at 319-365-7551 or  You can read Todd Gifford’s Blog at

Dee is ‘The Bulldog’!  Trusted, Responsive, Driven, Client-Focused, Friendly, Flexible, and Focused.

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