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An Innovative Step Forward in Arc Flash Protection!

Introducing GE Arc Vault™ Protection System

The GE Arc Vault protection system is an entirely new approach to arc flash protection.  It can contain an arc flash within 8ms – even with the compartment doors open.  And thanks to is innovative design, it provides better equipment protection, and more productivity with less downtime than traditional “big-box” arc resistant switchgear.

Revolutionary System Will Now Be Available to Retrofit Non-GE Low Voltage Equipment

The system will now be offered in two configurations.

The first configuration will be a retrofit to existing low voltage equipment, such as MCCs, switchboards, or switchgear.  This version will use an activation switch in conjunction with a trip unit as a detection system.

Both systems will incorporate a containment dome, which will work with the detection system to provide fast protection from arc flash hazards.

When the detection system senses an arc flash, the containment dome is triggered, and the main breaker is called to trip.

A secondary arc fault is created within the containment dome, which extinguishes the initial arc flash in less than one-half cycle, or eight milliseconds, of the initial event.

The secondary arc flash continues, protected in the containment dome, until the main breaker clears and de-energizes the entire system.

GE Announces Earlier Delivery and Expanded Offering of Arc Vault™ Protection System to Meet Client’s Needs

The GE Arc Vault protection system will contain an arc fault in less than 8ms with the circuit breaker compartment doors open during operation and maintenance.  The incident energy, in accordance with IEEE 1584 at 24″ from the arc event, will be less than 1.2 cal/cm², which is equivalent to HRC0, for a 480V HRG system with available fault currents up to 100 kA.

The GE Arc Vault Protection System reduces building construction costs because it does not require exhaust chimneys or plenums to direct the arc flash energy outside of the building, when compared to traditional arc resistant switchgear.

If an arc flash incident occurs during normal operation and maintenance, the GE Arc Vault Protection System can be operational again within a working day, assuming appropriate replacement parts are available, which improves your overall system uptime when compared to traditional arc resistant switchgear.

The GE Arc Vault protection system reduces energy released by 63% compared to a bolted fault that would occur with a crowbar system.  The energy reduction will lower the stress on other system components, such as transformers, circuit breakers, and bus bar construction, and improve your overall system uptime when compared to traditional arc resistant switchgear.

The retrofit configuration of the GE Arc Vault Protection System can be retrofit onto existing low voltage equipment, such as MCCs, switchboards, and switchgear, and can be retrofit without having to replace the existing low voltage equipment line-up.

When Arc Vault is included as an option in AKD-20 low voltage switchgear, the GE AKD-20 AR low-voltage switchgear meets the ANSI / IEEE C37.20.7 standard when it is included within a system that contains an upstream medium voltage controllable device.

The GE Arc Vault™ System Offers Significant Benefits Compared to Existing Products and Systems:

  • The ability to offer arc flash protection with doors and compartments open
  • Reduced operation energy
  • Reduced construction costs
  • The ability to retrofit existing switchgear

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