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Armored Pushbutton Switch Sealing Boot Useful in Prolonging Switch Life and Reliability

High-Pressure, High-Temperature Pushbutton Switch Sealing Boots Take Aim at High Water Pressure and Temperature Wash Downs & Rough Handling Conditions

Designed to handle external pressures to 1,500 PSI (103bar), and temperatures from -80°F to +400°F (-62°C to +204°C) is only part of the story.  The external actuator mechanism is armor plated with 300 series stainless steel that protects an internal elastomeric sealing membrane conforming to A-A-59588.  Manufactured to stringent specs of MIL-DTL-5423, it is IP66/68 ingress rated and UL recognized.  These harsh environment specs makes it an ideal candidate for extra protection, while converting an unsealed pushbutton switch’s actuator to a rugged sealed actuator.  Ideally suited for use in food, beverage, dairy and meat/fish packing processing plants, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants, medical, military, marine and transportation equipment.

Combat ready for most harsh workplaces, Armored Switch Boots are now available in two versions: with a .750″ diameter head, a toggle style silicone rubber boot covered with a bonded nickel-plated brass cap, and a boot which features an oversize 1.250″ diameter head.  All boots operate smoothly even with a gloved hand.

A wide range of high-performance switch, potentiometer and circuit breaker sealing boots are manufactured that are compatible with most toggle, pushbutton, rotary, and rocker style actuators.  UL Recognized, millions are on active duty throughout industry and the military, maintaining reliability and prolonging the life of vulnerable control components throughout the world.

For more information on APM Hexseal solutions, please send an email to MyFeedback@dee-inc.com.  DEE is a Trusted Supplier and Expert in providing Cost Savings, Fast Multiple Solution Options, Supplier Reduction, and Time Savings.  We Help Manufacturers Find Solutions and Exceed Their Goals.™

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