• Manufacturing & Distribution Services – DEE is a Manufacturing and a Distribution company, so we can tackle both manufactured assembly projects and component issues, and anything in between (ie. Value-Add Services like Kitting, Subassembly, Modification, Custom Logistics, Supply programs, Cost Savings/VAVE initiatives, etc…)

  • Our Responsiveness is second to none and Client-centric Focus (it is all about you, our client)

  • DEE has Extraordinary Talent, Flexibility, Capabilities, and Resources (the willingness AND the ability to do what YOU need/want done)

  • High Level DEE Management hands-on involvement (Unparalleled Executive Management Attention and Mindshare)

  • Credibility – ISO9000 Certified, Six Sigma Practitioners, UL/CSA, working exclusively with OEM clients since 1959

  • The Bulldog Attitude – DEE is willing to get into the ‘alligator pit’ with you and guarantee results — Driving Cost Savings, Solving Critical Problems, Saving Time-Space-Money, Supplier Consolidation.  The Willingness and Ability to Guarantee Results.

  • Your Warranty, Our Reputation, Our Promise – There’s a higher level of comfort when you work with DEE, because of our Quality Guarantees as well as our vast experience since 1959. Over the course of our tried and tested 58-year history we have built a reputation on creating trust and loyalty with our clients by always having their best interests at front and center of our mind. We want you, our client, to have the best and most productive experience possible. That’s why we go to such great lengths to make certain everything happens even better than the way you want it to.

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    Why the Bulldog symbol?