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The Bulldog for DEE symbolizes the very important qualities of a World Class Supplier to Equipment Manufacturers:

  1. Trust – our relationships are long term and based on mutual trust.  A person and their dog have a strong bond of trust, and in working with DEE, our relationship is no different.
  2. Responsiveness – DEE provides “ultra” responsiveness to our clients, and with a Bulldog attitude to serve and support and create value.
  3. Tenacious & Driven – the Bulldog is tenacious and driven…you can see it in their eyes.  DEE is tenacious in driving tremendous value for our clients.  To be specific, DEE, pound for pound, routinely drives more cost savings value for our equipment manufacturer clients than any other supplier.
  4. Focused on our Client – it all starts with you, our client.  Everything we do begins with a problem, goal, or need from our Clients.  This is our focus.  You are our focus.
  5. Flexible – along with being focused, responsive, trusted, and driven, DEE must be “ultra” flexible for our clients in order to be valuable.  Since DEE is Client-centric, everything we do is driven by Client needs and wants — and that means we have be infinitely Flexible.
  6. Friendly and kind – DEE prides ourselves in being easy to work with and easy to like.  When you interact with us, you will immediately feel the qualities outlined above, but you will also like how you feel as well.
  7. Team Bulldog – people like being a part of or member of a team.  The Bulldog symbol represents the World Class qualities above, but it also represents our team and team members.  To be a DEE Bulldog team member is a special thing.

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