How to Determine a Panel’s SCCR Rating

October 13th , 2011 → 6:41 pm @

 The determination of Short Circuit Current Ratings can appear to be a formidable task to complete if you are not familiar with the National Electrical Code® or the UL 508A Standard for Industrial Control Panels in the United States.  However, by breaking the task down into systematic steps, the process can be much simpler to […]

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Improve Your Liquid Level Sensing and Detection Applications

September 16th , 2011 → 3:29 pm @

Dee offers a free white paper report that identifies key issues experienced by manufacturers of equipment regarding handling and detection of liquids, with capacitive proximity sensors in particular.  It examines concrete sensing/monitoring methods that will improve processes while guaranteeing reliable and dependable noninvasive liquid level detection.  The trend towards more sophisticated equipment, which are expected […]

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8 Key Selection Criteria When Choosing an Inductive Sensor – Free Report

August 23rd , 2011 → 9:51 am @

Selecting the correct inductive proximity sensor for an application can be an intimidating process.  There are literally thousands of models available from various vendors, so having a good starting point to narrow down the field is essential.  This Free Report is a quick read, but packs extremely valuable information and a good reference guide to […]

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Reduce the Cost of Your Design By Selecting Optional Circuit Breaker Features and Considering Environmental Factors

July 27th , 2011 → 8:34 am @

We all know about delay curves for circuit breakers, but there are many secondary characteristics that can add value and reduce cost for a particular application.  Design engineers need to be conscious of these characteristics to improve designs while assuring the precise protection for their application.  DEE offers a Free White Paper Report covering the […]

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The Key to Choosing and Using a Proximity Sensor for Your Application

July 15th , 2011 → 8:06 am @

Proximity sensors, which are designed to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact, have evolved from narrow application in industrial automation systems into broad use.  They can now be found in consumer and commercial equipment and products ranging from ATM and vending machines, to security systems, to all types of communication equipment – […]

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How to Dramatically Increase Relay Contact Life in Your Application

July 15th , 2011 → 8:06 am @

Relay contacts are available in a variety of metals and alloys, sizes, and styles; there is no such thing as a universal contact.  The relay user should select contact materials, ratings, and styles to meet (as precisely as possible) the requirements of a particular application.  Failure to do so can result in contact problems and […]

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The 5 Most Important Factors When Implementing Supplier Reduction and Achieving Simultaneous Cost Savings

June 27th , 2011 → 3:17 pm @

Implementing successful Supplier Reduction is a big animal.  Implementing significant Cost Savings is another big goal.  Both Strategies are at the top of the list with nearly all Equipment Manufacturers.  They are both challenging and critically important objectives and implementing and executing both of these strategies successfully at the same time presents extreme challenges.  DEE […]

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Piezoelectric Actuators Selection Guide/White Paper

June 24th , 2011 → 7:54 am @

Implementing tactile (haptic) feedback in electronic devices enhances the user’s experience.  It provides a sense of touch in a user-interface design and is the newest major interface on smartphones and other portable consumer electronic devices.  Several haptic technologies are available now, including but not limited to, vibration motor actuation, piezoelectric actuation, and electro-active polymer actuation.  […]

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The 7 Keys to Reducing Design Time

June 13th , 2011 → 8:30 am @

Design Engineers and Supply Management are both extremely busy people, constantly fighting the clock, organizational objectives and requirements, and scientific laws to complete design and redesign projects.  Very few people outside of the Engineering realm understand how complex the task is to take an idea to reality in a defined, and potentially compressed, timeframe.  There are a vast […]

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The 10 Most Important Considerations When Selecting an Audible Signal or Audible Alarm in Your Application

May 18th , 2011 → 12:13 pm @

These days, it seems that we are constantly being alerted with everything from beeps to buzzers.  Almost all electrical equipment contains some type of audible alarm device which notify us of events warranted by you, the manufacturer.  But what types of alarms are available?  And how does an engineer decide what specific alarm is best […]

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