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Common Mode and Differential Mode Choke All-In-One!

The Dual Coil series of common mode chokes offer a cost-effective solution for suppression of common mode and differential mode impedance at low frequencies, ranging from 10kHz to 100MHz.

The Dual Coil has common mode inductance values ranging from 2.5mH to 140mH, while providing differential mode inductance from 0.3mH to 19mH.  The Dual Coil measures 8.7 mm × 15.8 mm × 13-13.6 mm.  With VAC line voltages up to 750mA of current, these chokes can handle even the most demanding needs in the LED retrofit lamp market.


  • Common mode choke and differential mode choke all-in-one
  • High suppression of common mode noise and differential mode noise
  • High differential inductance
  • Extremely compact design
  • Reduces number of components
  • Small PCB footprint
  • Dielectric rating of 1500 VAC
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to + 125°C


  • LED lighting
  • CCFL lighting
  • Offline switching power
  • Suppression of both common and differential mode noise
  • Filtering on device with unstable ground
  • Power line input and output filters
  • Power electronics
  • Electronic ballasts
  • White goods
  • Power tools

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