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The debate over the pros and cons of aluminum vs. copper conductors has been discussed for many years.  Many of the concerns are based on old information and also misinformation.  These concerns center on the very different properties of the two materials and their suitability for application within the Electrical Equipment Industry.  Reliable performance from the conductors, the joints and terminations of the conductors is essential to the operation of the electrical system.  With the recent increases in the cost of copper, people are seeing these increases passed on to them by the equipment manufacturer.  The variance in cost between equipment with copper versus aluminum conductors is now affecting the customer’s buying decision.  This paper provides a comparison of the mechanical and electrical properties of copper (Cu) and aluminum (Al) and their relevance as applied to electrical distribution products.  If you would like a FREE copy of this Whitepaper report, just send an email to MyFeedback@DEE-inc.com with “Copper vs. Aluminum Report” in the subject line, and provide your contact information.

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