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Digital Speed Potentiometer – New Pluggable Terminal Strip Option

Digital Speed Potentiometer with Scalable Display & User I/O

A microprocessor based digital speed potentiometer that can directly replace a conventional, 3-wire analog speedpot or motorized speedpot for most AC and DC drives.  The desired set speed is entered into the large, ½ inch LED display through the convenient frontpanel interface, and display units are now programmable for virtually any unit of measure.

The attractive panel mount unit is easy to install in industry standard 1/8 DIN cut-out dimensions.  The electrically isolated common signal permits direct wiring from the unit terminal block to the drive’s potentiometer terminal points.

This speed pot offers the same enhanced display options and capabilities featured in our other digital control products, as well as the Universal Power Supply and rugged screw type terminal strip.

Typical Applications

This is ideal for new equipment, as well as for retrofitting most AC or DC drive systems where precise, repeatable speed setting and digital readout are desired.  It is also ideal in applications where high vibration and other environmental factors can cause normal speedpot settings to drift.

Standard Features

  • Inhibit function selectable from a number of modes
  • Control mode selectable between rate and time
  • Jog function selectable from several modes
  • Factory default function – reset to factory setting
  • User-default storage capability allows user to store/recall a known good set of parameters while experimenting with new settings 

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