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Direct Current Power Conditioners

These power conditioners are small footprint, active DC power conditioning modules.  They are designed to be installed at the terminus of DC linear & switching power supplies.  With their low noise and low impedance, they produce a highly purified source of DC power for any load within their ratings.  Signal-on-rail is reduced along with power supply noise.  There are two models available in two polarities: 2A ± and 15A ±.  Only 0.5V is dropped by the 2A device and 2.1V by the 15A device.  Features: low noise floor: 20nV/root(Hz), low output impedance: 6mΩ typ, wide voltage range: 4.5–550V, high current range: 0-2A / 0-15A, low dropout voltage: 0.5V / 2.1V, low dissipation: 1W / 31.5W, direct-coupled topology, small footprint: 1.7H × 1.5W × 0.4D.  For samples or more information, please send an email to MyFeedback@dee-inc.com, and be sure to include your contact information.

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