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E-Stop Reduces Installation Costs by 60%

Emergency Stop with LED, Small and Cost Effective

In order to fulfill the need for a small and easy to install E-Stop, Smile has been developed.  This device is much like a common quick disconnect proximity switch which is engineered into the design of a machine.  The connector allows for the use of premolded cables, eliminating labor and improper wiring.  Disconnecting this device results in the safe prevention of the machine to operate.  With M12 connection/s or cable and centralized mounting holes, Smile is very easy to install, especially on aluminum extrusions.

The Smile E-Stop has been engineered to lower the labor costs associated with installation and troubleshooting while improving machine safety.  Plug and play technology with multiple connect/disconnect options reduce installation costs by up to 60% compared to conventional machine wiring methods.  Troubleshoot more efficiently with built in LED diagnostics that eliminate the need to individually cycle and test each e-stop after a fault.  This easy-to-install design improves safety by eliminating the need for contact blocks, which may loosen and cause the e-stop button to fail in an unsafe mode.  Reduction of installation costs, downtime, and error proofing make the Smile E-Stop the ideal way to reduce costs while increasing safety for your e-stop applications.

Smile is available for E-Stops in both dynamic and static safety circuits—i.e. for interfacing to Vital/Pluto and Safety Relays.  Each version is available with either one or two M12 connections or cable. In the top of the Smile E-stop unit LEDs show the actual status:

  • Green = protection is OK
  • Red = this E-Stop has been pressed
  • OFF = an E-Stop earlier in the circuit has been pressed

Regulations and Standards

The Smile Emergency Stop is designed and approved in accordance with appropriate standards.  Examples of such are: EN ISO 13850, EN 60204, EN 60947-5-1 and EN 60947-5-5.


  • To stop a machine or a process


  • Several E-Stops in series up to Category 3 according to EN 954-1/E ISO 13849-1
  • LED indication at every E-Stop
  • Robust construction
  • IP65

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