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E-Switch Launches New Illuminated Pushbutton Switch Featuring Custom Cap Options

E-Switch’s New Illuminated Pushbutton Switch Series Offers Custom Cap Options

E-Switch announces the new LP2 series illuminated pushbutton switch, featuring multiple LED colors, custom marking options on the caps, and different cap sizes.  The LED colors feature red, blue, green, yellow, white, or none.  You can choose from six different button colors as well: black, red, white, gray, transparent red, and transparent blue.  You also can choose a stock graphic or a custom graphic for the button.  Specifications include:

  • Operating Life: 300,000 cycles
  • Contact Rating: 20VDC @ 1mA; 5VDC @ 5mA
  • Contact Resistance (Initial Max): 200milliohms max @ 5VDC, 1mA
  • Contact Arrangement: SPST, normally open
  • Insulation Resistance: 100Megaohms max @ 100VDC
  • Dielectric Strength (1 min): 250 VAC
  • Force: 125 ± 35 grams
  • Travel: 1.3mm ± 0.3mm
  • Operating/Storage Temperature: -20C to +70C

Markets and applications for the LP2 series illuminated pushbutton switch include audio/visual, consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical, testing/instrumentation, computer/servers, and more.

For more information on E-Switch solutions, please send an email to EngHelpDesk@dee-inc.com.  We Help Manufacturers Find Solutions and Exceed Their Goals.  DEE is a Trusted Supplier and Expert in providing Cost Savings, Fast Multiple Solution Options, Supplier Reduction, and Time Savings.

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