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Encapsulated Thermostats for Electronics

This snap action bimetallic element will respond rapidly and accurately to changes in the temperature of the surface to which it is mounted or the air temperature in an enclosure.  The single pole, single throw contacts can be configured as either normally open or normally closed, operating on rise in temperature.  The average automatic reset will occur at a temperature approximately 20 – 25°C below the calibrated set point.  The housing has been designed for demanding conditions such as high continuous temperatures and high voltage electrical isolation.  The “new” PC version is now available with TO-220 style stamped, lead-frame leads and are shipped in a 50 piece plastic magazine for ease of insertion and handling.  The miniature size, high switching capability, and versatility of its contacts make the JEDEC TO-220 compatible device ideal for printed circuit board mounting.  It is epoxy sealed to withstand wave soldering and board washing operations.  UL and VDE approved.  For samples or more information, contact your Dee Electronics Territory Account Manager, plesae send an email to MyFeedback@dee-inc.comDee can support all of your contactor needs.

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