DEE understands that Engineers need Free Samples, but you need them FAST when you need them.  You can order samples from many companies, but how many of those companies prioritize your Free Samples as high as production line deliveries, and Guarantee the Delivery?

DEE recognizes this issue and developed an exclusive and limited program called:


Any Part #, Any Brand of Available Samples delivered in 7 working Days or less, Guaranteed…or we pay YOU $10.00.

DEE has developed a unique, exclusive, and complete system around your request and the delivery of Samples at  This is a members-exclusive program requiring us to set you up with a log-in access.  As you can image, we cannot provide this type of service to everyone.

If you have interest in this exclusive Samples Program and would like to find out more about it, send an Email to:

Provide your Contact information and let us know you would like to be considered for this elite level Samples program.