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Enhanced Connector Offers Superior Electrical Performance for Ethernet Applications

Tyco Electronics has released an enhanced QSFP+ surface-mount connector that offers superior electrical performance for 40Gb/s InfiniBand and Ethernet (4x10Gb/s) standards applications.  The 38-position connector meets the SFF-8436 industry standard — including the interface and host board layout.  The new product will drop into existing QSFP and QSFP+ applications and mate with all compliant cable assemblies and optical transceivers.

The internal contact and housing structure of the connector has been upgraded to optimize signal integrity in both upper and lower rows.  Test results validate that the new connector significantly improves performance in insertion loss, return loss and crosstalk.  Electrical models are available upon request.

Our engineering team has incorporated key technologies in our new QSFP+ connector to leapfrog current performance while maintaining drop-in compatibility at a competitive cost,” says Michael Walmsley, global product manager for high speed I/O products, Tyco Electronics. “This key product will support the market’s current needs and is a stepping stone to our next-generation products.”

Samples (part number 2110819-1) of the new connector are currently available and tooled for mass production.  The product is conveniently tape-and-reel packaged for surface-mount processing.

The QSFP+ connector is the latest addition to Tyco Electronics’ QSFP+ product family, which includes a broad offering of EMI cages and accessories, copper cable assemblies and PARALIGHT active optical cable assemblies.

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