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EtherNet/IP Communication Module for AC Drives

Omron Industrial Automation has developed a new EtherNet/IP communication module for the compact yet powerful 3G3MX2 AC Drives.  The option unit 3G3AX-MX2-EIPA mounts on the front of the AC drive for simple installation.  It allows controlling, monitoring and parameterization of a 3G3MX2 Drive via an EtherNet/IP network.

Since EtherNet/IP is the most popular industrial network protocol across the Americas, this communication unit removes a major obstacle for OEM machine builders to use 3G3MX2 AC drives in their projects.

The powerful 3G3MX2 AC Drive was designed with OEM’s in mind.  It features standard built-in logic programmability and CAT3 Safety Torque Off, which enables OEMs to save time and money.  The MX2 is a versatile high performance AC Drive that is available in several input voltages and power ratings.  Its breadth of modes and adjustable parameters make it practical for an OEM to standardize to one drive to address the needs of their entire machine.

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