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High Speed Copper Cable Assemblies

Tyco Electronics announces the release of SFP+ active direct-attach copper cable assemblies — high-speed, cost-effective alternatives to fiber optic transceivers and MPO cables in 10Gb Ethernet, 8GB Fibre Channel and InfiniBand applications.  This active design offers signal amplification and equalization in cable assemblies with low power consumption of 500mW per cable end.  Active cables also incorporate Rx LOS and Tx Disable functionality.  Tyco Electronics offers these cables in standard lengths from 0.5 through 15 meters.

The release of SFP+ active copper cable assemblies supplements Tyco Electronics’ existing passive direct-attach copper cable assembly product offering.  All SFP+ cable assemblies meet the industry MSA specification for signal integrity performance.  Both passive and active cables are available in wire gages from 24AWG through 30AWG and incorporate a 360-degree cable braid-crimp termination designed to suppress EMI leakage and provide superior cable strain relief.

Other features include a pull-to-release retractable pin latch and insert-molded pull tab, which support belly-to-belly applications and enable the highest possible port density.  All SFP+ cables are built with Madison Cable brand 10G TurboTwin parallel pair cable.

SFP+ cable product applications include switches, networking equipment and enterprise storage.

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