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As the pressure increases to fit as much functionality, and thus circuitry, into the smallest space possible continues to rise, as well as the demand for a reduction in power consumption, so too do the challenges of the associated thermal design.  LED technology has been gaining much attention as a solution in many applications.  LEDs are an extremely versatile and compact alternative to the traditional incandescent bulb with versatility to extend to applications where incandescent lighting previously was not possible.  Savings in long-term operation and energy costs while utilizing a robust package are just a couple of advantages that have made LEDs popular.  However, what may be overlooked is the importance of temperature and thermal management in providing a reliable LED design, especially in high-power LED modules.  How to address the thermal challenges in high-power LED modules and utilizing a power resistor solution is covered in this FREE whitepaper report.  If you would like a Free copy of this report, just send an email to MyFeedback@DEE-inc.com with “Thermal Management for LED Lighting Report” in the subject line, and provide your contact information.

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