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-20°F to 150°F – Automatic Reset Pressure Switch

This compact, rugged switch utilizes a snap–acting stainless steel diaphragm that reverses its curvature when pressurized to a customer specified actuation pressure.  When the disc snaps, it opens or closes a set of electrical contacts by means of a transfer pin.  Resetting the switch occurs automatically when pressure drops below the release value.  The unique latching mechanism of this design assures safe electrical cutout, even if the reset button is held fully depressed.  This trip–free design prevents the consumer from restarting the equipment until the line pressure has dropped below the release set point.  Single pole, single throw switch normally open or closed contacts.  Factory calibrated pressure setpoints from vacuum to 750 psig (52 Bar).  Hermetically sealed sensor.  Environmentally sealed or vented switch.  For samples or more information, please send an email to EngHelpDesk@dee-inc.com, and include your contact information.

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