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Hygenic Design Enclosures When Cleanliness Is Critical

For some industries there can be no compromises—we all expect banks to safeguard our money, cell phone companies to complete our calls without dropping them, and hospitals to provide life saving care, every time we count on them.  Similarly, when these high standards are applied to the food packaging, pharmaceutical, bio-technical and chemical industries, every aspect of their manufacturing systems must adhere to certain cleanliness requirements all of the time.

For these situations, the new Hygienic Design line of enclosures are ideal—smart design, combined with cutting edge manufacturing and situation-specific accessories. 

It’s the Little Details

Fully sealed hygenic design enclosures are available in slopetop wallmount and KL junction box configurations.  Both are constructed using ANSI 304 stainless steel with a 400 brushed grain surface.  Wall and door surfaces are angled to prevent objects from sticking to the surface and make water run off easily.

The door gasketing is a durable, continuous silicone seal to effectively prevent all gaps, and is easily replaced.  Its blue color makes it easy to distinguish particulates that may have splashed onto the surface.  The gasket fits without adhesive into a grooved channel, which makes replacement both quick and easy.

Slopetop hygenic design enclosures can be mounted on new hygenic design leveling feet and fitted with a water tight, continuously welded wire shelf.  The round profile helps avoid the problem of collecting dirt.  The slopetop and KL cabinets can also be installed with rounded brackets on the rear to improve the flow of water behind the enclosure during wash down.  Both mounting methods use concealed threads to prevent contamination.

The hygenic design stainless steel cable glands have a smooth, solid exterior surface to prevent the depositing of harmful microorganisms.  They are also sealed for high-pressure cleaning and the threads are covered beneath the cap.

Hygenic Design door fasteners are made from stainless steel, and their shape allows for easy and reliable cleaning.  The hygenic design slopetop cabinets also feature internal hinges, so there are no parts on the outside of the enclosure where contaminants can collect.

You Are Covered for all Areas in the Plant FloorHygenic Design, WM Slopetop, and Other Stainless Steel Enclosures

In addition to hygenic design cabinets, a full line of other stainless steel enclosures that are appropriate for sensitive environments away from the critical areas of the operation are offered.  These complement the hygenic design cabinets, but are engineered for areas that do not have the same stringent requirements.

Find Out More

  • Shorter cleaning time, lowered chemical and water costs
  • Less downtime—a line up and running is making money
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • Provides protection for consumers and employees

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