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“In today’s economic environment companies rely on their strategic suppliers more than ever. What separates a strategic supplier from just a typical supplier? A business partnership to drive mutual productivity, efficiencies, and opportunities. To this effect, we recently held an event we called a “Cost Savings Idea Generation”. Its purpose was two-fold: one was to ask our strategic suppliers for help in resolving stranded/excess inventory. The second was to identify Cost Savings opportunities. The hope was that exposing these strategic suppliers to the information would generate ways for our company to buy smarter, saving money, and expanding the revenue for the selected vendors. As a strategic supplier to our business, I expected Dee to provide us with a large amount of cost savings ideas. I wasn’t disappointed. Dee arrived to the event with all the necessary people to find opportunities and produce a fast turn-around on cost savings ideas. It was obvious that Dee was fully engaged and committed to this event. So far in just a few days since the event, Dee Electronics has offered to buy some excess inventory parts and they have also submitted Cost Savings proposals of over $50,000.00/year. They continue to work on other ideas brought about by this event. As far as I’m concerned, Dee helped tremendously to make this a successful project.”

– Mike McGurren, Supply Manager

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