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Interconnect System Meets High-Density Applications

zQSFP+ Interconnect System

The z-Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus interconnect solution is designed for high-density applications found in telecommunications, data networking, test and measurement and medical diagnostic equipment.  The system provides proven 25 Gbps data rates, supports next-generation 100 Gbps Ethernet, and 100 Gbps InfiniBand Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) applications, and accommodates stacked and ganged connector configurations in extremely high-density requirements.  The system includes SMT connectors, EMI shielding cages, passive copper assemblies and AOC assemblies.

The solution is designed for high-density interconnect applications.  Components of the system include an SMT connector, copper passive cable assemblies, EMI cages, and active optical cables.

The SMT connector supports new 100 Gbps Ethernet and 100 Gbps InfiniBand (IB) Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) applications.  EDR applications consist of 4 lanes of high-speed differential signals with data rates from 25 Gbps up to 40 Gbps.  The preferential coupling design uses a narrow-edge coupled, blanked- and formed-contact geometry and insert molding to optimize electrical performance.  The connector shares the same mating interface the QSFP+ form factor, making it backward compatible with current connectors, cages and cable assemblies.  Overall connector length is 2.20 mm (.087”) longer than the zSFP+ connector.

EMI cages are designed with an advanced heat-sink system to provide a high level of heat dissipation for next-generation system-power levels.  The spring-finger design provides optimal EMI grounding, and allows for more space to route high-speed traces.

The low-power, integrated active optical cable (AOC) solution will provide less expensive, reliable transport for aggregated data rates up to 100 Gbps.  The single-mode fiber technology provides long reaches of up to 4 km (2.49 mile), enabling deployment in data centers and campus environments.

Supporting next-generation 100 Gbps Ethernet and 100 Gbps InfiniBand Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) applications, The Interconnect Solution transmits 28 Gbps data rates up to 4 km with excellent thermal cooling, signal integrity (SI), electro magnetic interference (EMI) protection, and the lowest optical power consumption in the industry.

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