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Cables are often the last component considered during system designs.  In many situations, cables are really the system’s lifeline—if a cable goes down, the entire system can stop.  For example, if the cable system used for data transmission in a spacecraft fails, the communication between the craft and mission control could be lost.  Cable reliability is based on both durability and signal integrity, and the ideal cable system should be engineered to last the life of the product in any environment.

DEE offers a free Whitepaper Report that discusses factors that affect wire/cable performance, cable life, types of cable choices, and applications issues.  Also included is a nice cable selection checklist for an Engineer to use.  If you would like a copy of this Free Report, just send an email to MyFeedback@Dee-inc.com with “Cable Selection Report” in the subject line, and please be sure to include your contact information.

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