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Implementing a Reusable Container/Packaging program is something that many companies, including many Equipment Manufacturers, are pursuing for obvious reasons.  There are some attractive reasons to do so, such as reducing packaging waste that has a cost in both storage and disposal.  Another advantage is reducing environmental waste impact via the recycling of containers and packaging.  However, there are relatively few companies, by percentage, that have implemented a comprehensive reusable/recycled container replenishment program across multiple commodities or throughout their entire supply chain.

Why have more equipment manufacturers not implemented reusable packaging replenishment programs or not implemented them across most of their commodities, when it is such a desirable and popular concept?

There are several key reasons for this, and we address these in this FREE Whitepaper report.  Furthermore, and more importantly, we will address how these roadblocks to implementation can be overcome (aka ‘key secrets’ to implementing a reusable container replenishment program).

If you would like a copy of this FREE Whitepaper, just send an email to MyFeedback@dee-inc.com, put in a Subject of “Secrets to Implementing a Reusable Container Program Report”, and provide your complete contact information.

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