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Many Manufacturers are seeking to implement reusable packaging and container systems with suppliers to cut down or eliminate packaging waste.  The problem is that there are a number of obstacles that either bog down that effort, or severely limit the ability to economically implement it.  DEE has a lot of experience in successfully implementing reusable container programs, and has created a White Paper Report on “Key Secrets to Implementing Reusable Packaging/Container Programs”.  This report is fairly short and easy to read, but identifies some key secrets to implementing a reusable program that could add $0.00 cost to you as a manufacturer, and does not have to change your current replenishment scheme.  If you would like a copy of this Free Report, just send an email to myfeedback@dee-inc.com with “Reusable Container/Packaging Program Report” in the subject line, and include all your contact information.

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