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Low Profile Interconnect Solution Supports Demanding Design Constraints and Enables Feature-Rich Applications at a Reduced Overall Cost

Interconnect Clip Firmly Secures Circuit-to-Board Connections – Bringing More Value to OEMs and Their Customers

Recently Released interconnect clip, an electomechanical connection that easily attaches to secure a membrane switch or FPC tail firmly to a printed circuit board, eliminating the need for mating connectors at each point.  A first-to-market product, the low-profile interconnect clip provides immediate and reliable circuit-to-board connectivity in a range of consumer, medical, networking and telecommunications applications.

Product integrity is tantamount to Molex customers.  The low-profile ClipLok connector design delivers robust features: strong mechanical attachment, excellent electrical integrity, far lower product cost and ease of assembly,” notes Todd Hester, vice president and general manager of printed circuit products.

The latest addition to this line of integrated switch assemblies, the interconnect clip offers a less bulky alternative to other circuit-to-board interconnect methods.  The mechanical component securely bonds circuits together by means of a spring-type mechanism.  Electrical connections are achieved when the switch circuits are wrapped around the edge of the board.  Finally, a built-in feature on each interconnect clip guides the assembler in the correct placement of the clip and circuit.

Today’s user interface technologies are more demanding and complex.  Custom product designs including membrane switches, capacitive switches, touchscreens, display flex assemblies and flex circuit jumpers may all benefit from the ClipLok interconnect technology,” adds Hester.

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