Materials Management Solutions and Services to drive Cost Savings, Inventory Savings, Time Savings, and Zero Line-down situations.

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> Give us 3-4 Hours in your Plant, and we will provide you with major Cost Savings $, Guaranteed.  Click Here for more information on this program.
> Free Audio CD: “5 Reasons Why Supply/Materials Management fall short of their Goals, and how to overcome these obstacles”.  For an overview of this CD and a Free Copy, click here.
> Reduce your Inventory to $0 or near-$0 with our Consignment, VMI, or SOMI programs.  Click Here for more information.
> Dramatic Inventory and Product Handling Cost Savings as well as Supplier Reduction via a unique and innovative approach called PBMD™ exclusively from DEE.  Click Here to learn more.
> 100% Complete and 24/7 Visibility to your Supply Chain via our Supply Chain Visibility Systems and Custom built Extranet Sites/Portals.  Learn more by clicking here.
> Get rid of Supplier Corrugated Cardboard and Disposal costs 100% with a Reusable Container Delivery System.  Find out how by clicking here.
> Free White Paper: “Key Secrets to Implementing a Reusable Container Program”.  To obtain a free copy, click here.
> Speed up your Receiving and Processing of parts from Dock to Stock or Dock to Line with Custom Labeling.  Click Here to find out more.
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