Achieve $0 or near $0 Inventory situations via implementation of a automated Consignment, VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), or SOMI (Supplier-owned and Managed Inventory) Program.

Dee is an expert in the area of designing and implementing custom, flexible, and efficient Consignment/VMI/SOMI programs to drive Cost Savings and lower your inventory levels dramatically.

Some unique and innovative aspects of Dee’s approach to these programs:

  • Dee sets up a custom web portal that displays real-time data for the entire supply chain on each part, including the Consignment/VMI/SOMI inventory.  This portal is accessible 24/7.
  • Dee utilizes the latest in real time bar code and data capture techniques where possible to reduce or eliminate processing and transactional costs.
  • Dee has developed a very sophisticated set of custom alert system tools that are put into place based on mutually determined triggers.  These alerts are automated and proactive.
  • Complete customization of program.  Since Dee has extremely deep knowledge, expertise, and resources, customizing a program around all the specific and unique client requirements is no problem

If you have interest in finding out if one of these Inventory and Cost-Reducing programs makes sense for you and your company, contact us either at, or call 319-365-7551 x4001, or contact your Dee Representative directly.