Dee has developed a very unique and sophisticated approach to supplying materials and components and assemblies to our Original Equipment Manufacturer and Contract Manufacturing clients, called PBMD (Process-Based Module Delivery).

PBMD is a way for you to dramatically reduce your costs by reducing suppliers, eliminating Purchase Order transactions, substantially reducing handling costs, and simplifying your supply chain.

PBMD takes a strategic approach of looking at the current supply chain process starting at the Production Line, and working backwards to the supply chain.  What develops from this unique approach to ‘mapping’ the supply flow is custom-developed modules, which comprehend all the Production, Receiving, Ordering, and Distribution needs, goals, and requirements from the Plant team.

The PBMD Modules that are developed generally utilize a resuable container system of some kind to eliminate packaging waste, along with all the processing cost that is found in traditional supplier fulfillment programs.

PBMD can easily eliminate 90% of processing costs from the point of planning, ordering, receiving, putaway, parts handling, and production line handling —- not to mention the huge reduction in Inventory and increase in Inventory Turns.

If you have interest in learning more about PBMD (Process-Based Module Delivery), you can call us at 800-747-3331, or email, put in a Subject of “PBMD Request for More Information”, and provide your complete contact information.  Or, you can contact your Dee Territory Manager or Inside Client Support person.