Dee has extensive experience in implementing and supporting reusable container programs for delivery systems, JIT Programs, VMI programs, etc…

What is unique about Dee with respect to Reusable Container Programs is that we take a Client-centered Process-based approach to designing the system.  Essentially, we design the system from the point of use backwards to the point of shipment to arrive at the best logistics and best value solution for the program.

Dee has gotten extremely creative, developing our own exclusive resusable containers for various programs due to our unique client-centric approach.  Many times, containers readily available in the marketplace do not serve unique client reusable container program requirements.

If you have interest in learning more about Dee’s reusable container in order to reduce or eliminate packaging waste, contact us at 800-747-3331, or send an email to, with a Subject of “Reusable Container Program Inquiry” and provide your contact information.  Or, you can contact your Dee Territory Manager or Inside Client Support person.