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Minature Tuning Fork Crystal is 33% Smaller to Fit Portable and Handheld Devices

Miniature Size Ideal for Wide Range of Applications

This tuning fork is approximately 33% smaller than previous models, measuring just 2.1 mm × 1.3 mm, with a very low profile of 0.6 mm.  The miniature size of the new watch crystal makes it ideal for portable and handheld devices, where space is critical.

With a frequency of 32.768 kHz, the new surface mount device (SMD) is optimized for a standard 12.5 pF load capacitance, with an optional load capacitance of 9 pF available.  Frequency tolerance is ±20 PPM at 25°C (77°F), and frequency stability is -0.04 ppm / (change in C°)2 over the standard operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F).

Turnover temperature range is +20°C to +30°C (68°F to 86°F), and storage temperature is -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to 257°F).  Maximum equivalent series resistance of the new crystal is 90 K ohm, and insulation resistance is 500 megaohm at 100 VDC.  Aging is ±3 PPM per year.  The termination finish is gold over nickel.

The new watch crystal is RoHS-compliant and comes standard in a 3,000-unit tape and reel for automatic assembly systems.


  • Ultra Low Profile
  • 0.6mm Height
  • Long Term Stability
  • Tape and Reel (3,000 pcs. STD)

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