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Multi-Drop Sealed System Ideal for Power and Data/Signal Applications in Harsh Environments

Multi-Drop Sealed Connector System

The Multi-Drop Sealed Connector and Cable System is a sealed, modular, cable connector system for the transfer of both power and data/signal in a multi-drop configuration.  Delivering a rugged, free-form, pluggable connector string, the Multi-Drop Sealed Connector and Cable System is fully sealed to IP66 and IP67 ratings, and can be customized to meet any requirements for internal and external data/signal and power applications for greater design flexibility.

The Multi-Drop Connector and Cable System is suitable for many lighting and power applications, security systems and sensors in environments such as office buildings, road infrastructure, car parks, public transport, city centers and other public places.

The system is comprised of multiple connector modules attached to four-core flat cable.  Each connector module has three sections; top and base housings, which are terminated to the cable, and a custom pluggable connector with an interfacial seal.  When the two housings are terminated, cable-pierce technology uses pointed pins to pierce through the gel mat and cable insulation to make contact with the cable cores.  Connections are made on stranded cores on wire of 1.50 mm (16 AWG) or greater.  The higher the number of strands, the better the electrical connection that can be achieved with this termination method.  Cable alignment to pin is also a major consideration during termination.

The termination process compresses the pierced gel mats, which volumetrically fill the terminating chamber, creating a gel sandwich around the profile of the cables and pins to form a watertight seal.  In water at a depth of 1 meter, tests reveal full waterproofing and no short-circuiting of the electrical connections.  This test has been conducted throughout the operating temperature range of the system, from -30 to +80°C.

The Multi-Drop Sealed Connector and Cable system features rugged IP-66 and -67 interface seals using field-termination cable-pierce technology to offer a simple, free-form, pluggable connector string for internal and external data/signal and power applications.

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