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New 2- and 4-Position Joystick

Modular Range Joystick

The newest pilot device line member features a design made for heavy duty usage and simple assembly.  The joystick is available in 8 selector styles, including both momentary and maintained in 2 or 4 positions.  In addition, to minimize unintentional operation, a separate style with built-in latch is available.

Simple Assembly

The Joystick is fully compatible with our Modular range; the joystick is designed for simple assembly in either 22 mm or 30 mm (with adapter) mounting holes, and uses standard contact blocks.  The joystick is delivered with a 4-seat holder and up to 8 blocks can be mounted.

The mounting solution offers a low built in depth unique on the market.  It’s only 38.5 mm using the micro switch block, and 48.5 mm using standard blocks.  This is ideal for applications which are short of space e.g. wireless control stations. 

Latching Function

The latching function requires that the latch is lifted before operation.  This is very useful when the application could be dangerous if operated unintentionally.

Think about how easy it could be to affect the joystick unintentionally with a lose jacket.  What could happened if a crane starts to move without control or a vehicle having moving parts while driving?

Heavy Duty Design

The joystick is specifically designed to be suitable for heavy duty applications, and is resistant to the significant effects of shock, vibration, high and low temperatures, and heavy wash down.  Perfect for outdoor cranes, controls and naval applications.

As an evidence of this, the joystick complies with the extremely tough IP69K protection degree for intensive wash-down.  In addition to this, it is also tested and approved for shocks and vibrations according to IEC 60068-2-27 (100g at 6 ms), and IEC 60068-2-6 (10-500 Hz).  These tests are set to ensure function in road, rail, and cross-country vehicles.  It’s actually even mentioned application such as space shuttles and super sonic aeroplanes.  Of course, many internal tests have also been performed to guarantee outstanding performance.

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