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Schurter FMBC FMBD NEO 3 Phase Filters copy 300x134 New, Compact, 3 Phase Filters Provide Exceptional Attenuation Performance

Series FMBC and FMBD NEO 2-Stage EMC Filters for Power Line Systems Up To 520 VAC

We are pleased to announce the latest in its family of 3-phase power line filters for applications using frequency converters, such as motor drive systems, UPS systems, and renewable energy systems.  The compact, 2-stage, high-end filters, FMBC NEO and FMBD NEO, protect against interference voltage from the mains, providing very high attenuation performance.  The filters offer cost savings, and expand Dee Electronics’ range of 3-Phase filters to include broader choices in form, fit and function.  Standard filters, as well as services for custom designs, continues to grow in demand as EMI standards become increasingly tightened in the industrial, commercial, and residential markets.

The FMBC NEO 2-stage, 3-phase filter has an operating voltage of 3 × 277/480 VAC and 3×300/520 VAC with a current range fom 7A – 180A.  Its lengthwise design allows for installation in tight control panel spaces.  The filter housing is designed for screw mounting.  Connections for three phases and ground are made using screw clamp terminals.

The FMBD NEO, with neutral conductor, is intended for use in four wire systems or three phases: neutral, conductor, and ground.  The operating voltage is set up for 3 × 300/520 VAC installations and is available in currents ranging from 8A – 200A.  It combines exceptional attenuation with a low leakage rating of < 1 mA.

The NEO series is designed for frequency converter based applications such as drive systems, stepper motor drives, inverters and UPS systems.  The relatively low leakage current of the FMBD NEO may even be used for some medical devices.  The filter series is cURus approved with ENEC approval pending.

Free EMC Filter White Paper “Optimization Between Best Attenuation Effectiveness and Minimum Leakage Current”

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