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New High-Quality Printer for Heat-Shrinkable Marker Sleeves, Tags, & Labels

Tyco Electronics launches the TE3112 printer — a new high-performance, mid-range identification printer designed for high-quality printing on heat-shrinkable marker sleeves, cable-marker tags and labels.  Key features of the printer include its center justification of print media, simplified media and ribbon loading procedures and automatic calibration.

The compact, lightweight printer utilizes a 300 dpi print head to produce clear, crisp texts, graphics and bar codes.  With its adjustable product sensor, the TE3112 printer is capable of marking a broad range of products for use in commercial and industrial environments. In addition, the product is well-suited for marking small labels and 2.4mm heat-shrinkable marker sleeves.

The product prints material up to 105.6mm in width at a maximum print speed of 100mm/sec (30mm/sec recommended).  In addition, the TE3112 printer is compatible with advanced printing software such as WinTotal (version 4.9 or later) and PEP-5 version 3 packages.

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