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New Miniature Speaker Series

This new product line was developed to help design and project engineers who need sounds not normally achievable with standard piezoelectric alarms.  These new speakers can achieve frequency ratings of less than 2 kHz.  This is an advantage in products designed for older consumers because higher frequency hearing capability tends to diminish with age.  Designers are also finding that the use of lower frequency audible signals gives them a way to provide a distinguishable sound in their products.  Because of this flexiblility, this new speaker is being investigated by manufacurers of products in a very wide variety of industries, including consumer products, industrial machinery, medical equipment, aerospace, and transportation applications.  The heart of this speaker is a Mylar speaker diaphragm.  Among other adavantages, the Mylar speaker is water and fluid resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor, medical, and humid applications.  This speaker could also mimic certain animal sounds.  There are 18 models available and they come in three different types: metal frame, plastic frame, and ultra-compact (low profile) plastic frame.  The 8-ohm, 0.25-watt speakers range in size from 11mm to 57mm in diameter and from 3.0mm to 12.5mm in height.  The sound levels range from 75 to 92 decibels.  All 18 models are RoHS compliant.  For samples or more information, please send an email to MyFeedback@dee-inc.comDee can support all of your audible alarm requirements.

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