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New Modular Power Distribution System to Simplify Existing Wiring Methods!

Modular APD System

The modular APD system provides flexible solutions for busing common power to many different electrical components.  Components can be easily added or removed using quick disconnects, saving valuable time and cost during installation and maintenance.  The APD system also provides an organized method of wiring that would simplify the wiring schematics for troubleshooting while reducing the use of excessive wires and cables.

The APD system allows multiple connections per phase for many applications, such as:

  • Supplying separate voltages to auxiliary circuits and control circuits for relays, contactors, timers, etc.
  • Supplying power to circuit breakers, motor starters, switches, contactors, etc.

Two conductors are housed within a rigid plastic insulation housing suitable for voltages up to 600VAC.  The conductors have current ratings of 25A, 63A or 80A.  The entire system is touch proof (IP20).

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