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NEW Vinyl Jacketed Stainless Steel Cable Ties

These cable ties are extremely durable and the smooth, vinyl-jacketing (black vinyl jacketed 302/304 stainless steel wire) prevents damage to installation cable insulation.  They have a tin-plated copper crimp sleeve for easy field installation.  The UV-protected vinyl jacket is excellent for solar installation where product durability is required.  They are available in 4 lengths that gather and organize cable bundles from 2.30” to 4.20”, with additional lengths upon special request.  They are constructed from commercial aircraft-grade stainless wire with UV protected vinyl jacket, and will resist most environmental conditions.  With material temperature Range of -40°C (-40°F) to 100°C (212°F).  For samples or more information, please send an email to MyFeedback@dee-inc.com, and be sure to include your contact information.

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