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Nickel RTD Temperature Sensors – Cost-Effective Temperature Measurements

Nickel Sensor Technology

The Nickel RTD temperature sensors for high volume vehicle and industrial applications are specifically designed for harsh applications.  The Ni1000 in an oil resistant SOT package (2.4mm × 2.9mm × 1.1mm) is ideal for space limited applications and is plug-compatible with PCB boards.  Operating from -55°C to +160°C, this sensor exhibits almost twice the sensitivity of sensors employing Platinum technology.

The Nickel RTD temperature sensor has a linear positive temperature curve with almost twice the sensitivity of a Platinum sensor, and can be supplied in a standard accuracy configuration (DIN 43760), or with custom specific versions on request.  The Model Ni1000 in an SOT package features miniature dimensions (2.4 mm × 2.9 mm × 1.1 mm) that allow it to be used in a wide variety of space limited applications.

The rugged design has harsh environmental protection that enables the Ni1000SOT to plug onto a PCB, and to be immersed into hot motor oil without any additional protective packaging.  This greatly facilitates ease of installation, and ensures potential for cost-reduction in dedicated applications.  Further, its operating temperature range of -55°C to +160°C makes it application-compatible with requirements for the use in motor oil and hydraulic systems.

Laser trimming during production ensures a very high process, while innovative wafer technology makes the product very competitive.  Application engineers are standing by to work with challenging applications develop customized probes, with the capability to produce this temperature sensor in high volumes for vehicle or Industrial application under ISO TS16949 regulations.

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