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Remarkably Simple Solution That Provides Easy Interchangeability, Upgradeability and Replacement

Plug-and-Play LED Lighting Solutions

The new Helieon™ Sustainable Light Module combines LED Array products from Bridgelux with Molex interconnect technology to create a socketed plug-and-play solution that can be easily integrated into a wide variety of luminaires.  The technology provides interior and exterior luminaire manufacturers with effortless installation, interchangeability and upgradeability.  Helieon will also help lighting manufacturers reduce energy costs and enviornmental waste for a sustainably designed lighting enviornment.

The Next Generation of Solid-State Lighting

Until now, designing, installing or replacing a solid-state lighting solution was a difficult and challenging process.  With the breakthrough Helieon module, implementing LED lighting has just become a whole lot easier and much more cost-effective.  Helieon modules are energy efficient, long lasting, eco-friendly and durable – a brilliantly simple solution that delivers the benefits of solid-state lighting with the ease of using a light bulb.

Ideal Illumination

A Revolutionary Way of Delivering the Right Light

  • 500 to 1,500 operational (hot) lumens to replace traditional sources
  • High-quality, clean, white light without pixilation
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Color controlled to 3 SDCM to ensure color consistency in the lighting installation
  • Narrow, medium and wide flood beam patterns


Installation that’s as easy as changing a light bulb

  • Separable source and socket design
  • Installs with a familiar turn and click
  • Simplifies design-in process, accelerating time to market

Flexible & Upgradeable

A design that’s interchangeable and future-proof

  • Color temperature, light output and beam pattern can be interchanged
  • Entire families of luminaires can be easily designed using a common system design
  • Enables future-proof designs with an easy upgrade path


The eco-friendly efficiency that end users demand

  • High efficacy enables energy savings of up to 80%
  • Composed of recyclable and reusable components
  • Enables luminaires to meet regulatory standards including Energy Star, Title 24, Part L and more
  • Mercury and Lead-free, RoHS compliant


For more information on Molex solutions, please send an email to EngHelpDesk@dee-inc.com.  DEE is a Trusted Supplier and Expert in providing Cost Savings, Fast Multiple Solution Options, Supplier Reduction, and Time Savings.  We Help Manufacturers Find Solutions and Exceed Their Goals.™

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