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Power Supply Offers Solution for PV Solar Combiner Boxes and Inverters

New Power Supply

New primary switch mode Power Supply offers two voltage input ranges, which enables the supply with either AC or DC.  It comes equipped with two large capacitors to ensure line buffering of at least 30ms (at 230 V AC).  This makes these devices a great solution for providing DC power to string monitoring radios and remote switching devices for high fluctuating networks and battery powered plants worldwide.


  • Rated output voltage 12 V DC
  • Output voltage adjustable via front-face rotary potentiometer “OUTPUT Adjust”
  • Rated output current 10 A
  • Rated output power 120 W
  • Supply range 115/230 V AC (90-132 V AC, 186-264 V AC, 210-370 V DC), auto select
  • Typical efficiency of 84%
  • Low power dissipation and low heating
  • Free convection cooling (no forced cooling with ventilators)
  • Ambient temperature range during operation -25…+70°C
  • Open-circuit, overload, and short-circuit stable
  • Integrated input fuse
  • Redundancy unit CP-A RU offering true redundancy, available as accessory
  • LEDs for status indication

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