DEE is not a traditional component distributor, where the distributor focuses on just a certain specific commodity or product area and finite list of brands/lines.  DEE spans and supports across a very wide range of product areas and commodities.  The reason for this is that DEE has a working model which is Client-centered or Customer-focused.  DEE is concerned and focused on what problems, needs, or goals that you have and finding solutions for those problems, needs and goals.  This is contrasted by non-client centered companies which are trying to sell you from a ‘list’ or ‘linecard’ of products or brands.

Because DEE is focused on your goals and problems, these can lead us many different directions from a product category, commodity, or assembly standpoint.  We first want to understand what you need and want, and then we tap into our deep resources and talents to provide you with multiple options of solutions.

The following is a listing of Product Categories that we are heavily involved with and have deep expertise in.  We get involved in new product categories and commodities every week as a result of what our clients problems, needs, and goals are.

Custom Parts and Assemblies
Subassemblies and Turnkey Assemblies
Plastics – custom
Metal – custom
Cable Assembly and Harnesses
Termination and Terminal Blocks