DEE Electronics is an authorized Carling Switch / Carling Technologies Distributor.

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CarlingLogo2 Carlingswitch | Carling TechnologiesCarling Technologies is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Hydraulic/Magnetic and Thermal Circuit Breakers, Electrical Switches and Assemblies, and Advanced Systems including Power Distribution Centers and Electronic Control Systems.

DEE is a Carling Switch/Carlingswitch Technical Expert and Distribution services support supplier.  DEE works with Engineers closely to solve design problems using Carling Switch solutions (Switches, Circuit Breakers)

DEE is a Carling Switch / Carling Technologies Stocking Distributor, with inventory and supply lines of Carling Switch Switches, Circuit Breakers, and solutions available for shipment.

DEE also provides an extensive set of Value-Added Solutions for Carling Switch / Carling Technologies, such as Assembly Services, Part Modification Services, and Kitting Services.

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Carling Technologies product line offers one to four pole switches in numerous single throw and double throw maintained and momentary circuits.  Rocker, toggle, push button, and rotary style switches come with a wide variety of aesthetic and functional options including circuit configurations, AC & DC ratings, insulated and watershedding constructions, termination options, mounting options, custom colors and imprinting.

The Carling Switch Contura Series and L-Series family of illuminated and non-illuminated rocker switches have set the industry standard for sealed switches. They offer complete protection against dust and prolonged effects of spray and immersion under pressure (IP66 & IP68), and are recognized to UL1500 ignition protection for marine products. Contura and L-Series switches offers thirteen categories of options including, ratings, terminations, removable actuators and lenses, actuator styles (including locking actuators and laser etched actuators), textures, colors, symbols, illuminations, circuits (including multicircuits), and more options.

The diverse range of switch options allows us to tailor solutions for almost any need.  Carling’s extensive manufacturing and tooling capabilities allow for fast and creative response.

Circuit Protection:
Carling Technologies offers a complete line of circuit protection products, from the miniature M-Series hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers (0.02 to 25 amps), to the UL489 C-Series and the E-Series hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers (0.02 amps to 100 amps), to the F-Series hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers (100 amps – 700 amps).

With a full complement of sizes and ratings providing current or voltage sensing, DEE can provide you the options. There are a multitude of circuit breaker features including precise time delays from instantaneous to ultra-long, Visi-Rocker actuators of two colors to indicate ON or OFF, illuminated actuators, actuator guards, actuator mid-position trip-only indication with or without alarm switch, auxiliary switches in trip-only or standard configuration, special circuits, dual coil functions, front panel snap-in mountings, rocker panel plugs, power selector device, custom housing and actuator colors with the latest in styling, and more. Several of the breaker series also are available with ignition protection (UL1500).

Carlng also offers 3 amp to 40 amp push button thermal circuit breakers with the CMB & CLB-Series, and the CTB-Series of 3 amp to 16 amp rocker actuated thermal breakers.

The SmartGuard Equipment Leakage circuit breaker is an equipment ground fault protection device that functions as a standard high quality hydraulic /magnetic circuit breaker offering customized overload and short circuit protection, while also detecting and guarding against faults to ground using a state of the art integrated circuit developed by Carling Technologies. When a fault occurs, this breaker trips and an LED illuminates providing a clear indication that the trip occurred as a result of leakage.

Carling Technologies continues its long history of innovative design with its Remote Operated Circuit Breaker (ROCB). With the ROCB, the convenience of remote ON, OFF and Reset capability has been combined with the safety and accuracy of a standard magnetic current sensing device, allowing operation of the circuit breaker from various locations in a system, facility or site (while not sacrificing the ability to manually operate the breaker if required). Service, diagnostics, load shedding and power distribution control functions can now be performed in areas that were previously unattended, inaccessible or unsafe.