100% visibility to your Supply Line 24/7 — and proactive alerts if there is a potential issue.  That’s what you want and need in order to save maximum time and achieve consistent hassle-free delivery.  We understand that.

DEE provides highly sophisticated Supply Chain and Inventory visibility tools for Buyers, Purchasing Teams, and Materials Management.

Standard Supply Chain, Order Status, and Proactive Alerts communication includes (all real-time):

  • Electronic Order Confirmation to your email box or EDI System
  • Electronic Change Order Confirmation to your email box or EDI System
  • Weekly Open Order Status Report to your email box or EDI System
  • Advance Potential late delivery Notification to Desired Due Date with human DEE follow-up to resolve
  • Advance Ship Notice confirmation with Tracking info to your email box or EDI system
  • Premium Freight Product picked and processed Alert to your email box
  • Premium Freight Product Shipped and Tracking Information to your email box

Advanced Real-time Supply Chain, Order Status, and Proactive Alert Systems Available:

  • Custom Password Protected Extranet Portal
  • Unique and exclusive total Supply Chain Visibility based on complete cross reference of Your Item # to Manufacturer part, including intransit product from the OEM Mfg, confirmed ship dates 2 steps back in supply chain, etc…
  • Totally Customized suite of functionality based on your specific requested features and benefits
  • Online Pack Slip and Invoice access
  • What-if projection analysis
  • Consignment and VMI Inventory Program supply line visibility

DEE does all of its own software and application development in-house and is an expert in this area.  Bottom Line is that DEE offers you the ability to do virtually anything desired or needed in order to achieve your optimum visibility and Supply Chain Management System.  If you can imagine it, we can do it.

Click Here to access our Standard Supply Chain Visibility tools and systems - contact us should you need your login information or to set up your login