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Revolutionary Next-Generation ARINC 600 Receptacle Connector Provides Reduced Weight & Cost

ARINC 600 Next-Generation Receptacle Connector

Introducing the ARINC 600 next-generation receptacle connector – an innovative re-engineering of a class solution to meet the needs of today’s commercial aerospace and military applications.

Whether it’s collision avoidance, air-to-ground communications, or in-flight entertainment, today’s avionics manufacturers face a challenging economic environment, and an ever-increasing demand for weight reduction, streamlined maintenance designs, and aerodynamic efficiency.  With those goals in mind, the entire design and production process was re-engineered to create the lowest cost and lightest ARINC 600 connector on the market.

The re-designed ARINC 600 next-gen connector is a perfect example of our commitment to re-thinking classic solutions in order to meet evolving client demands and significantly reduce costs,” said Steve McIntire, Product Manager.  “In addition, clients can count on the highest reliability and quality that we bring to all our products – which are essential in flight components as well as military applications.  Our ARINC 600 next-gen connector meets the same performance requirements of the original.”

Engineers were able to create a lighter connector with considerable cost savings by utilizing a stamped and formed contact system versus the traditional, screw-machined contact system.  The stamped system also allowed for selectively plating only the critical socket contact tines with gold instead of the whole contact, decreasing gold plating costs.  In addition, weight was also reduced by changing to hollow contacts instead of the solid contacts used in the legacy design.  Moreover, moving to a monoblock insert simplified the production process, saving even more.

By combining innovative technology and production processes with enduring ARINC 600 standards, the new ARINC 600 Next-Generation Receptacle Connector offers:

  • Significant cost reduction
  • Equivalent performance to traditional ARINC 600 connectors
  • Robust stamped and formed contact system
  • Up to 10 percent weight reduction per connector
  • Completely inter-mateable with existing ARINC 600 plug connectors
  • Solder-tail version available for complete backwards compatibility with legacy printed board designs
  • Press-fit (eye of needle) compliant tail version available for future box designs, yielding all of the previously discussed connector cost and weight savings, along with applied cost savings for avionics customers.

Product Features

  • Inter-mateable with existing ARINC 600 plug connectors
  • Monoblock single-piece inserts simplify the manufacturing process
  • Equivalent electrical performance vs current design


  • Avionics Boxes
  • Military Ground Vehicles

Free ARINC 600 Receptacle Connector White Paper “Stamped-and-Formed Signal Contacts Lower Costs, Save Weight”

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