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Single Coax Extender Reinvents HDMI Distribution

Introducing the DIGI-HD-COAX

Coax Is Easy to Install and Hard to Abuse.  Why Not Leverage It for HDMI Deployment?

U.S. manufacturer of audio/video equipment and software recently debuted the DIGI-HD-COAX, an HDCP-compliant extender which distributes 1080p HDMI over a single coaxial cable.

The DIGI-HD-COAX reinvents HDMI distribution,” explains Steve Cohan, C.E.O. “Installers are constantly faced with retrofitting systems with bulky HDMI, expensive fiber, and twisted pair cables.  Many installations already have RG6 and RG59 installed, why not use it?”

Designed for demanding commercial and residential audio-visual applications, the DIGI-HD-COAX employs industry-leading digital processing to transmit high-definition HDMI signals over a single coaxial cable.  The unit transmits 1080p up to 300 feet, 1080i up to 675 feet, and 720p up to 675 feet.

Plus, built-in amplified signal splitting provides seamless daisy-chain distribution to ten remote destinations.

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