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Smallest TUV-Approved Power Distribution Junction Box in the PV Industry

Introducing the SOLARLOK Slim Junction Box

Introducing one of the smallest junction boxes in the Photovoltaic (PV) industry – the SOLARLOK slim junction box.  This 15.5 mm by 52 mm junction box distributes DC power to a solar panel in a convenient, compact design that offers the least amount of visibility on the back of a panel.

The TUV-approved product meets stringent industry requirements – offering a 20-year product-life performance.  Targeted applications include two-rail crystalline PV modules and two-rail thin-film PV modules, with a 3-Amp current rating for thin-film applications and a 12-Amp current rating for crystalline applications.

The new junction box reduces purchasing costs by offering a total assembly that includes solar-rated cables, which are available in various lengths to suit a wide variety of applications.  The assembly also includes IP67-rated SOLARLOK connectors, which produce an audible click to ensure proper installation and include a locking latch feature that meets code requirements.

A key feature of the junction box assembly includes a spring clamp for termination of the foil leads, which clamps to the contact rail inside the box for increased overall reliability and ease of termination.  This feature also eliminates the labor-intensive task of soldering.

Diodes are offered in multiple current ratings, ranging from 3 to 12 Amps, for optimized performance.  This feature allows users to select the diode requirement that best suits their application.

The SOLARLOK slim junction box does not require potting – eliminating the cost and mess of using potting material to seal the inside of a box from moisture.  In addition, the housing lid utilizes two latches to secure attachment to the lower part of the box.  The connector interface is sealed to IP67 requirements.

Product Features

  • Only 52 mm in width
  • Only 15.5 mm in height
  • Requires no potting of the inside of the junction box


  • Thin-Film PV Modules
  • Two-Rail Crystalline PV Modules

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